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Why work with us


Trust is the bedrock of all strong relationships, whether economic, or personal. For us, trust is an ongoing and two-way relationship.


We believe in the values and advantages brought by a transparent business and try to incorporate this principle in our daily routines. We believe that it fosters growth.

Being together feels a little different nowadays. Working together means to us working towards a common purpose. And even more, it means achieving more as a team than you could as individuals.

This is our ability to choose what is right even when everything inside of us and outside of us is telling us to run away in fear.


Junior Consultant



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To support our growth plans, we are looking for agile Junior Consultants to join our firm.

To our minds, agile equals drive, analytical & critical thinking, confidence in interpersonal communication, technical documentation, as well as presentation abilities (including knowledge of Microsoft Office).

You will possess an academic background; degrees that are well suited to Audit and Financial Advisory practice include, but are not limited to Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Data, International Relations, General Business – basically, any background with an analytical analysis or research element.

Additionally, if you will have some knowledge or interest in Audit and Financial Advisory (financial, tax or risk management), you might just be the candidate we are looking for.

As a Junior Consultant, you will support the delivery of our client projects. The main tasks of a Junior Consultant would include, but won’t be limited to the followings:

  • Working as part of a team on any internal projects or initiatives of the Company;
  • Working on extensive research of technical financial cases;
  • Working with senior team members, on specific tasks;
  • Working on presentations and provide support on preparation of deliverables to client;
  • Working on calculations, reports, financial analysis, under the supervision of senior team members.

You will have the opportunity to work and learn in an entrepreneurial firm, built up by Corporate Graduated humans, while building your Audit and Financial advisory expertise and knowledge.

Silviu is hungry to find saving opportunities and identify solutions to tax/financial problems

Silviu has over 25 years of experience in tax and accounting consulting area for Romanian companies and multinational groups operating in the manufacturing, IT, agriculture, exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, production/ distribution/ supply of electricity and natural gas, automotive industries.

For 7 years he has focused on energy sector being involved in M&A transactions for more than 40 clients in different projects such as due diligences, mergers, spin-offs, restructurings. Silviu is an active member of the working groups in the tax area, working groups set up at the level of the Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea României and at the level of the American Chamber of Commerce. He is an ACCA graduate, member of the Romanian Tax Advisory Chamber.

Andreea is skilled in high-performance and providing insights to solve problems and navigate change

She has significant expertise in IFRS financial reporting for companies in the banking and non-banking financial institutions during the period 2010-2021.
In this capacity, Andreea applied translations of the statutory financial statements into international accounting standards, contributing to the continuous adaptation of policies and methods for the recognition and recording of balance sheet items and financial performance.

In the last 2 years, she was the project leader on a massive Selling transaction of a significant market player in the financial segment in Romania (2019-2021) with international exposure on foreign financial markets. She is an FCCA member, member of the Romanian Certified Auditors Chamber.